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EYECOS Clinic has developped a revolutionary laser technique to correct forever the Iris Congenital Heterocromy. Neweyes is safe, effective and natural. This outpatient treatment is applied in only 5 to 7 days, using 5 minutes painless laser sessions. It is not a surgical procedure, with intraocular implants, wounds, healing, stitches and risk of infection, NEWEYES is only laser, where anesthetic drops are enough to avoid discomfort.
Since January 2012 we use successfully Neweyes, with very high satisfaction levels and extremely low complications, because no visual structure is altered. After treatment patients never complain of photophobia, discomfort, red eyes, or bad vision.


In the past, EYECOS was also world pioneer introducing since 2000 PRESBILASER, a lasik procedure to correct Presbyopia, the most frequent refractive error after forties. PRESBILASER eliminates the need of reading and multifocal glasses, and is also an outpatient technique, without typical risks of surgical procedures, only laser with topical anesthesia. Patients can recover normal life after one day. Now, PRESBILASER has been adopted by all the ophthalmolgy clinics, as a routine technique in Spain.
IRIS CONGENITAL HETEROCROMY, named “heterochromia iridum”, is an eye malformation in which one eye is blue or green and the other is brown, partial or totally. Eye differences can be complete (total heterocromy) or partial (partial heterocromy). It is very rare, and can be congenital or acquired, but always produces psychological problems.


It is the most rare mode and present at birth. It’s often associated to some diseases as Neurofibromatosis, Waardenburg Syndrome or Claude-Bernard-Horner Syndrome.
Popular people is suffering Congenital Heterocromy. For exemple, cinema actors, fashion models and pop singers as Christopher Walken, Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis, Alice Eve, Liam James, Lee van Cleef, Henry Cavill and Rise Against’s vocalist, Tim McIlrath. However, it is not true that David Bowie has this problem. As a child, his left pupil was highly dilated after receiving a strong blow to the eye.

Usually is present in cats or Husky dogs, Siberian, Collier or Bobtail, Dalmatian, Great Dane and Australian shepherd.

The acquired is secondary to trauma, pigment depots, general medication producing eye side effects (as prostaglandins) or to other diseases. Another times, has been described spontaneous appearance.



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