Following the recommendation of the LASIK procedure by a surgeon and a complete review of the information, the necessary pre-operative exams may take place.

For contact lens users, a few days rest prior to the pre-operative examinations is recommended to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. The duration of the rest period depends on the type of lens and the number of hours the user is accustom to wearing them.

These pre-operative tests consist of various parts, all relating to vision and the shape of the eye. In addition to this information, an evaluation of all of the factors that may adversely affect the surgery is conducted.

Some components of the pre-operative exams:

MEDICAL HISTORY: Personal and family medical history
OCULAR DOMINANCE: Motor and sensory dominance
PUPILLOMETRY: Pupil diameter in different light conditions
TOPOGRAPHY: Evaluation of the corneal astigmatism and/or pathologic problems
CONTRAST SENSITIVITY: Vision in varying degrees of brightness
EPITHELIAL FRAGILITY: Quality of the epithelium
PACHYMETRY: Central and peripheral corneal thickness
BUT: Tear quality
SCHIRMER: Tear quantity
BIOMICROSCOPY: Examination by slit lamp
IOP: Intraocular pressure
CYCLOPLEGIA REFRACTION: Ruling out of accommodative problems
INNER EYE: Exploration of the retinal tissue

If the results of the pre-operative examinations disqualify the patient from LASIK treatment, the patient will be informed and if possible, alternative treatments will be offered.