FISIOLASIK, SUPERLASIK, ASFERILASIK: Are the techniques employed by EYECOS for the treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism in young patients. Products of the Eyecos Department of Research, Development and Innovation, they offer an effective correction, achieving the ideal eye profile for all types of activities: sports, driving, computer-use, reading…

FisioLasik is especially useful for young patients whose work requires extensive daily computer use or reading. This treatment relieves the effects of eye strain and reduces the effects of secondary myopia (accommodative myopia).

SuperLasik is recommended for those patients who work outdoors, where the ability to see far is especially important. It is a procedure that is most commonly carried out on hunters, police officers, firefighters, athletes, etc. The patient obtains the greatest possible vision without the effects of eye strain or undesirable effects on night vision.

Post-surgical supervision is generally required.

AsferLasik is used on patients with habitual nighttime habits and the need for the ability to see things at a distance, such as professional truck drivers, nightshift security personnel or police officers.