The treatment is totally safe for all people who do not suffer from any type of eye disease, such as glaucoma, keratoconus, cataract, degeneration of the retina or uveitis, like people who suffer from diabetes or some coronary or respiratory disease. In the same way, it is contraindicated if there are direct relatives with glaucoma. Yes, the intervention can be performed by people suffering from myopia, astigmatism or hyperopia, and those who have previously corrected their vision problems using lasik.
Correct, the Neweyes laser is the property of the eyecos clinic in Barcelona, exclusively worldwide.
The procedure in The Eyecos Clinic consists of permanently eliminating the brown or yellow pigmentation of the iris with a unique laser that we have exclusively in Barcelona, and that reveals the natural color that we all have hidden (blue, silver or green). All results are different, even for the same grade, so it is necessary to evaluate the eyes before treatment with our Iris scanner, which is the only suitable technology. Thank you for trusting the official sources. More information at www.eyecos.eu
There are no effects or alterations to night vision.
For safety and prevention, a thin central circle is left around the pupil.
Yes, the Neweyes laser technique is the only one in the world with good results, capable of changing or brightening the color of dark eyes, depending on the density and hardness of pigmentation.
Don’t worry, the eye color change technique is non-invasive and very fast (1- 2 minutes). It is done with a laser, so it is not painful.
It has three routes of elimination:
  1. Outflow of particles through the trabeculum.
  2. Inferior deposits that are subsequently phagocytosed.
  3. Elimination of pigmentary debris in the iris by macrophages.
You can go home immediately after the laser. Vision may be a little blurry for 1-2 hours only.
Yes, it is possible to do the intervention to change the color of the eyes to a single iris, and treat just a part, as likes the patient.
The laser removes the anterior melanin and it can lighten the eye but not enhance the color. The brightness and intensity of the color depend on the density of the collagen and your genetics.
You can lead an absolutely normal life after the laser. You just have to avoid violent exercises.
Yes, we can operate a patient who comes from other clinics. We have many patients who come from other clinics for arrangements. However, it is preferable to start the treatment at EyeCos Barcelona, because the laser is less aggressive and the results are much more beautiful and natural.
Currently we are not performing this type of surgery but you can do it before or after Neweyes laser in your closest clinic. Always leaving several 6-12 months apart.
The limbal ring is a crown that appears around the iris, between the cornea and the sclera. This ring is darker in color than the rest of the iris, and can be natural or created by laser.
Currently there is no alternative worldwide that is safe and effective. The Neweyes laser and eye color change technique is exclusive to the Eyecos Clinic in Barcelona, Spain.

Full laser Price: visit the prices section

The Eyecos Clinic in Barcelona launches a special technique to enlighten dark eyes in a single 4-day phase. This non-invasive intervention only lightens the iris to a softer tone, without reaching blue or gray, but once this option is chosen there is no going back. If you want to change to bluish gray, you must choose the standard tecnique in several phases.
It is the same price as lightening both, since the same diagnosis, laser and follow up are carried out. The whole duration is the same.

From now on you can defer payment in 3,6,9 and 12 months if you pay by credit card. More information secretary@eyecos.eu

You can pay by Paypal, credit card, or in cash.
Barcelona is one of the most beautiful, friendly and safe cities in the world. We are waiting for you with great weather all year, and an unparalleled tourist, gastronomic and cultural offer worldwide.
  • Grade 1, 2 and 3 in just a Phase (4 days)
  • Grade 4: Phase 1 (4 days), Phase 2 (4 days) and an additional touch-up
  • Grade 5: Phase 1 (4 days), Phase 2 (4 days) and Phase 3 (4 days)

You can see the color classification we have on our website and calculate your prediction and 3D simulation if you download our EyeCos Apps.

It is faster, more effective and painless. We can reduce the treatment time to one or two days, and the results are observed very soon.

Guide NEWEYES and Documentation

You can download our GUIDE of applications and follow the instructions to get quality photographs, the degree of pigment, the prediction and the 3D simulation.


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The change in eye color is forever and permanent.

We can communicate in English, French and Spanish.
We are only in Spain
In Barcelona.
We are very sorry, but Eyecos Clinic is only located in Barcelona, Spain. Our technology, knowledge and technical equipment is unique. You can see more information on our website: www.eyecos.eu

More than 3,000 patients with excellent results.

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