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Laser iridoplasty (also known as laser depigmentation) is a technique designed to selectively remove melanin from the iris, thus permanently and naturally altering eye color. The procedure involves applying laser impacts to the anterior surface of the iris; this removes the pigmented superficial layer of the iris, leaving the less pigmented layers intact. The pigmented posterior epithelial layer of the iris (the last pigmented layer of the iris) remains unchanged. The goal of the intervention is the reduction of the pigmented superficial layers of the iris to achieve a lighter color appearance, with varying intensities depending on each case and patient.

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Sky Blue



9G & 10G LASER

With the incorporation of these new lasers, we can reduce the treatment time to one or two days. Moreover, the waiting time is reduced, from 4 months of waiting between phases to just 1 or 2 months. Another advantage we find is that the treatment ends in one or two phases. This advancement not only offers more efficiency but also allows international patients to reduce the costs associated with their stay in Barcelona.


Currently, the procedure is carried out over four days, corresponding to one phase, in which we divide the eye into four quadrants and treat one per day. Generally, each patient may require between one and four phases.

Once your phase is completed, the eye must heal properly, and therefore we always wait at least four months.

Who are they aimed at?

The 9G laser is aimed at those who want to achieve a brown-greenish result. The 10G laser is aimed at those who want to achieve a blue, turquoise, or gray result.
It is important to note that those who already started the treatment with grade 4 or 5cannot use them.

The Treatment

At Eyecos Clinic, we perform a safe treatment that does not affect any visual structure of the eye. The laser focuses solely on removing melanin from the iris, without touching the retina or other important structures that could compromise vision. This process is outpatient and non-invasive, thus avoiding the typical complications of surgical techniques. Additionally, each day of treatment the patient undergoes a prior eye checkup that guarantees our control. During the process, the patient will need to take anti-inflammatory and analgesic medication to control eye pressure. Thanks to the compliance with these safety guidelines, we perform this treatment without any risk and guaranteeing natural and permanent results. After our treatment, no other ophthalmological treatment (refractive surgeries, LASIK, etc.) nor any other ophthalmological study after our treatment is contraindicated.

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