Iriz Workstation: a new update for the eye color change technique

In the framework of the XXVII Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Surgical Lasers, Dr. Grimaldos has explained the new updates concerning the 532 nm Crystal Q-Switched Laser, developed by Eyecos Clinic in its applications for eye color change.

In this fourth update of the research, carried out since 2014, we have presented the Iriz Workstation, a series of mobile applications that patients can use from home. They are the iris scanner, the first developed for ophthalmology; and two professional ophthalmological software for the analysis of data obtained with the scanner.

The first application that makes up the Iriz Workstation is the Eye Selfie. This allows us to take high-definition photos from home, and without anyone’s help, through a smartphone that records both the left and right eye. These images are sent directly to the clinic. In the same way, the patient can make a prediction of the outcome based on his and his parents’ phenotype traits, and make a simulation of the outcome.

Once the images are registered, you can start the 3D Simulator of the outcome prediction. With this, you can get an idea of the effect of ambient light on the pupil diameter, the cosmetic effect it has on the eye, as well as the distance.

As soon as the patient transfers the iris scans to the clinic, we start two other software programs. The first one, the analyzer, offers a series of references divided into colorimetry, color contrast, pachymetry and 3D topography. The second program shows the treatment planning according to the data of color, density and iris pigment thickness. With this information we plan the number of sessions, areas to be treated and the type of laser to be used to obtain the best result.

Also, in this new research update we have introduced a fifth grade of laser application for color change of extremely pigmented eyes.It also incorporates results of color change in greenish tones (until now all the results had been towards bluish or grayish tones).

With this technique we obtain effective results in a few phases, in a predictable way and without serious complications produced in these seven years of research. For this reason, the eye color change is a technique ready to obtain FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States) approval.


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