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When the idea of changing the color of your eyes arises, it’s natural for numerous questions to flood your mind. What is the most suitable treatment for me? Where can I find the best clinic? How safe is the process? Can I choose the color of my eyes? Will I experience pain during the procedure? Are there possible contraindications? These are just a few of the frequently asked questions that we encounter at Eyecos and address during the initial free informational consultation. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident as you embark on this exciting treatment.

This first encounter with the clinic is primarily informational. We conduct preliminary checks to ensure your eligibility for the treatment. Once we confirm it, you will meet Dr. Grimaldos, who will guide you through the process. The current color of your eyes will be assessed, the expected results will be discussed, and the number of necessary phases will be determined.

Armed with all the information provided about the technique and treatment, and after passing the preliminary checks, we will initiate your first phase. This four-day period involves the gradual depigmentation process of the layers of melanin in your iris. To ensure your safety, we treat only a quarter of the iris each day, thus limiting ocular exposure to controlled amounts of pressure. During these days, you will follow a regimen of eye drops and daily oral medication. Each day, you will undergo a quick pressure check before meeting with Dr. Grimaldos for the laser treatment. We will provide contact information so you can reach out to us in case of questions or needs during your stay, ensuring your well-being and safety at
all times.

Ultimately, the daily routine of those undergoing treatment at our clinic generally follows the norm. We cater to patients from around the world, many of whom take the opportunity to explore the city during their stay. We also welcome local patients who continue with their daily activities in the same week as the treatment, whether it be shopping, driving, or working in front of screens. We recommend avoiding strenuous physical efforts, following the provided medication, and refraining from consuming alcohol. We are committed to making your experience at Eyecos a safe and positive transformation. Book your next appointment with us here or call us at +34 938 10 22 50.


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