Comparative presentation of the laser depigmentation technique versus the dangerous keratopigmentation technique

At the end of May, we took part in the Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Surgical Laser in the city of Malaga. Thanks to Dr. Pedro Grimaldos (who graduated in Medicine and Surgery and is a specialist in Ophthalmology at the University of Valencia), we demonstrated live what differences we encounter between Laser Depigmentation, the technique we use at
EyeCos Clinic for eye color change, and Keratopigmentation (corneal tattooing).

What is Laser Depigmentation?

Laser depigmentation, also known as laser iridoplasty, is a technique performed in the clinic where we apply a specific laser to the anterior layer of the iris, resulting in most cases in a blue, turquoise, or grayish color, depending on the initial pigmentation of the patient. Some of the drawbacks of this treatment are that genetics play a fundamental role, as the final result may vary depending on them. However, it is a painless procedure, without surgery or any contact involved. There is no decrease in the patient’s vision, and we guarantee a completely natural and discreet result, allowing the patient a normal life from the first day of treatment.

What is Keratopigmentation?

Keratopigmentation (or corneal tattooing) is another technique for changing eye color. It involves injecting dye into tunnels created within the cornea. The patient undergoes a surgery with anesthesia that lasts approximately one hour, and the results can be customized, such as blue, green, beige, etc. However, the resulting color is artificial (“robotic eyes”) and permanent. Some of the risks that may arise during this treatment are surgical and corneal complications, as well as possible vision impairment.
Discover more information about the use of these techniques, their advantages, and disadvantages in the exclusive video of the presentation by clicking on the following link:






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