Change the Color of Your Eyes: Discover the Results and Key Factors

If you’ve been thinking about changing your eye color, at Eyecos Clinic, we’ve been offering a painless, safe, and permanent treatment through laser iridoplasty since 2012, allowing us to depigment eye color. That’s why we recommend using our NewEyes Scientific Predictor app before anything else. This app will help you estimate the approximate outcome you can expect during and after the laser depigmentation process.

This estimation is based on a thorough collection of data from patients with genetics similar to yours, which aids in predicting the outcome more accurately. In the following image, we showcase examples of results achieved by our patients based on their color grade. For instance, in grades 2-3, it’s common to achieve a captivating turquoise blue shade, while in grades 4-5, the result typically ranges from blue to light gray or brown, depending on the laser intensity used. It’s essential to emphasize that genetics plays a crucial role in determining these results.

Additionally, two essential factors cannot be overlooked when aiming for these remarkable results: maintaining optimal eye health and having normal collagen levels.


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