Discover the true beauty of your eyes with Clínica Eyecos’ New 30-Session Package

When patients first arrive at our clinic, they often come with the hope of achieving a specific eye color they’ve dreamed of for a long time. This is completely understandable, as we specialize in eye color transformation. However, it’s essential for our patients to understand that each individual possesses a unique and special eye color hidden beneath layers of melanin, largely determined by genetics and the density of collagen in the iris. The latter factor significantly influences the aesthetic outcome of laser iridoplasty, the process behind changing eye color. Its density determines whether the new color will be brighter or more subdued. This is a crucial process in approximating the patient’s desired eye color.

We recognize that to achieve a natural eye color transformation, offering a greater number of sessions is essential. For this reason, we are delighted to introduce an exceptional opportunity for individuals with a grade 4 to 5 (very dark) eye color who wish to change their eye color, progressing through three approximately distinct shades: light brown, gray, and bright blue. This is achievable as long as two conditions are met: good eye health and medium-to-high collagen density.

You can achieve this remarkable transformation with our innovative and exclusive 30-session package. The highlight of this offer is that you can access this astonishing transformation for just €8000.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to reveal the unique beauty of your eyes with Clínica Eyecos’ new package. Our highly trained and professional team is ready to accompany and guide you on this journey to uncover the true beauty of your eyes.

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