Eye color change an effective and safe method

The Neweyes method, developed by the Eyecos Clinic, is the most advanced technique in the world to change the color of the iris in an effective, safe, predictable way. Recently, Dr. Grimaldos has presented in “International Ophthalmology” the results of this procedure after 10 years of research.

91% of patients who initiate treatment do so for purely esthetic reasons and not because of the presence of heterochromia (different coloration in each eye). The reasons that push people to change eye color are due to a professional need, as an actor or model, specific preferences of their partner or psychosocial reasons as people subject to social discrimination.

All treatments promoted by the Eyecos Clinic are performed with the 532 nm Crystal Q- Switched laser, with pulses of 3-4 ns (commonly used in selective laser trabeculoplasty or SLT). The duration of the sessions is usually short, about five minutes, and their effects are painless. The entire procedure is performed in two or three phases of four or five consecutive daily sessions repeated every four to six months until completion.

Subsequently, we administered cures consisting of oral anti-inflammatory drugs and eye drops applied every hour for the first five hours, and then every two hours until midnight. After the last session we reduce the dose to three times a day for a week, and finally we add artificial tears with sodium heparin every eight hours for three months. Similarly, we follow up with visual acuity tests, refractive error, measure Goldmann eye pressure, a biomicroscopy, HQ photography and develop a colorimetry study weekly, monthly and then every four months.

Therefore, it makes the procedure safe and controlled at every stage. The final result is usually not the same for all patients, as it depends on the initial pigmentation level, inherited genes, scars and many other factors such as diet or exposure to sunlight. However, at the end of the treatment the subjective satisfaction of the patients was 95%.

In short, after 10 years of uninterrupted research of the treatment developed by Eyecos, it has proven highly effective in selectively depigmenting the superficial melanin of the iris, with high predictability, safety and patient satisfaction.


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