Lighten brown eyes

The Eyecos Clinic in Barcelona launches a unique procedure in the world to lighten dark eyes in a single 4-day phase. We use the Neweyes Laser 6G Plus technique, a non-surgical outpatient method.

Eyecos is the world’s leading clinic and a pioneer in this procedure. We have an extensive experience of more than 10 years. With this non-invasive intervention, a lightening of the iris color is achieved almost instantaneously, going from intense brown to a softer tone. The results are observed in 3 phases of lightening without reaching a blue or gray hue. Once this technique is chosen, its effects cannot be undone.

The result is a natural and predictable lightening before starting the procedure. That makes it a safe and effective intervention without the typical complications of the intraocular surgery.

The brown eye lightening is available for only 2,825 euros. Request for more information about this procedure and its conditions.

Feel confident with pretty eyes that stand out from other people!    


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