After a few years of basic research and evaluation of possible alternatives, in 2012 we began the technological development and the clinical studies of the solution with laser application [14]. A priori offered two clear advantages over the previous possibilities, greater security because it is not a surgical intervention, and naturalness of the result, by obtaining biological textures of the patient and by not altering the functionality of the pupil, which continues to react to light and darkness in a normal way [15]. For this reason, visual aberrations and limitations of the peripheral visual fi eld are not caused. The premises of the project were defi ned but should be demonstrated over the following years. Several phases were planned:

  • First security phase: 2012-2014
  • Second phase of effectiveness and predictability: 2014-2016
  • Third phase of technological improvement: 2017-2018
  • Fourth phase of technical sophistication: 2019-2020

Fortunately, our premises were confi rmed over time and, not without effort, we were able to solve the problems we encountered on the road and achieve a state close to the excellence of the original technique. After 7 hard years of research and development we can affi rm that we have achieved the challenges that we set ourselves in 2012 and we can enunciate the following definitions:

Clinical Definition: Laser cosmetic iridoplasty is a non-contact, step by step, painless, bladefree, at the offi ce & outpatient procedure.

Technical Definition: An integrated multiple laser system, with non-sterile requirement, scanner patterns, eye tracker & OCT module to perform Custom Treatments”.


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